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How to control the production of an automatic gearbox?

In 2017, as part of the digitization of production, Škoda launched a large project called “Transparent factory”. We provided data collection, visualization and on-line evaluation of data from hand gauges and special measuring devices from over a hundred places in the production and from all measurements at the measuring centre. ...and what was the most successful ?


  • Ordo

    We managed to reduce non-conforming parts by increasing the efficiency and speed up regulations in the process. In addition, at the measuring centre measuring orders can be evaluated and commented directly on special gauges Klingelnberg, Jenoptic, Hommel, Zeiss, etc.
  • Scrap

    We ensured on-line collection and visualization of non-conforming parts directly at the workplace.
  • Monitor

    Overview of all measurements in the timeline. Monitoring supports the production master who is able to see the current alarms with the quality of parts in his production section in one place.
  • Crustallus

    Possibility to evaluate on-line process capability from the SPC measurements. No more paper SPC cards and their back manual evaluation. All easy online and with a few clicks.
  • Fenestra

    Thanks to the Fenestra module and its self-service capability, it is possible to create a user dashboard, which in this case serves as a tool for everyday meetings in production. The module is connected to data from the entire chy.stat system and also to third-party systems. Production meetings become paperless and all necessary production information is on one screen. And that's smart, isn't it?


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