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Škoda Auto, a.s.
plant Mladá Boleslav

The project where we used our clever modules in different production lines. These include engine, gearbox, axle assembly, and last but not least, new plug-in hybrid battery assembly line where we first used our module for Curves. ...and what was the most successful ?


  • Curves

    We ensured the collection, visualization and analysis of curves from tightening processes. Specialists are able to look at the tightening curves and at the same time the system provides alarm indications if there is a problem in the tightening process. Additional advantage is also the mathematical calculation of the screw joint force which is calculated directly from the given tightening curve. Our software is among the first ones out there that automatically finds this point representing the screw joint force on the curve.
  • Ordo

    Straighforward visualization of line approval helped speed up manufactring process intervention and reduce the amount of non-conforming parts.
  • Monitoring

    Overview of all measurements in the timeline. Monitoring supports the production master who is able to see the current alarms with the quality of parts in his production section in one place.
  • Crustallus

    Possibility to evaluate on-line process capability from the SPC measurements. No more paper SPC cards and their back manual evaluation. All eas online and with a few clicks.


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