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Alfmeier CZ s.r.o.

Very nice and successful project in the company called Alfmeier CZ which deals with manufacturing components for fluid systems and seating comfort systems for automobile industry customers. The objective of this project is automatic data collection from machines with emphasis on clean data without any input from operators who could possibly introduce distortions in the data. And do you know what? Together, we did it! We helped Alfmeier achieve transparent production. About 100 PLC devices are connected on end-of-line tests (EOL); these are devices that measure every single manufactured piece on a particular production line - 100% testing. Alfmeier increased productivity by 10% and that's only thanks to online information from the production line and visualization panels placed across the production line and quality control stations. And what else was a success?


  • Monitor

    There are several big screens showing the current status of production lines. We are monitoring such indicators as OK/NOK pieces, productivity, quality, availability, OEE. Increasing productivity by 10% was achieved thanks to visualizing the current status together with the statuses of past two shifts. All visualizations are flexible and can be freely configured, even the budget was dramatically reduced by using the tiny computer Raspberry PI. Overview of the current status of production is also available for two fundamental levels of management. The first level are production line managers who can tackle problems with manufacturing immediately. The second level is then quality control managers who can attend to problems with quality and avoid big losses or backward control of products.
  • Ordo

    We made it possible to keep track of production batches on a particular device effectively. You can search by batch ID and view all manufactured pieces and potential alarms.
  • Lucra

    The module called Lucra is a big help in long term monitoring of various KPIs like defect rate or particular OEE components.


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